Download: Radio Transmission 1 mix

Right Click and save to download (192kbps 42Mb mp3)

Track Listing:

1. Marcus Intalex & S.T. Files - Dreamworld
2. Accidental Heroes - Forgotten Worlds
3. Usual Suspects - Bleach
4. Total Science - Zodiac
5. Sub’erb n Kaos - Shape Shifter
6. Surreal & Parameter2 - Drop

2001 As played on Tommy RO’s 4ZZZ Original Drum show: Starting off with two of my all time favourites – Marcus Intalex & ST Files showing they can make em tuff, deep n dark with the best of em with “DreamWorld” and Accidental Heroes (Sonic n Silver) with the scifi flavoured Blade Runner sampling “Forgotten Worlds”, rolling into Usual Suspects deep n bruising but groovy “Bleach” which i set up some call and response with Total Science’s rugged funk of “Zodiac” and then letting em shuffle with Sub’erb n Kaos’s quick lil steppa – “Shapeshifter” and Surreal n Parameter 2′s hard amen rocker, “Drop”. – running time – 30 mins

Download: Eklekt01 mix

Right Click and save to download (192kbps 84Mb mp3)

Track Listing:

1. DJ Dara - Possession
2. Carlitto & Addiction - Make It Real
3. Decoder & Substance Feat. MC Jakes - Dialect
4. Total Science - Altered State
5. DJ Teebee - Retaliation
6. Stakka and Skynet - Mutationz1
7. State of Play - Stranger Days
8. Universal Project - Bleach
9. Marcus Intalex & ST Files - Love & Happiness
10. J.Majik Feat. Kathy Brown - Love is Not a Game (Dillinja Remix)
11. Technical Itch - Borg Mind
12. Solar Motion (Breakage) - Get Dread
13. John B - Up All Night

An eclectic set recorded in 2001 showing how I like to mix it up while playing out – this set goes out to those ppl who went off at the Warehouse. Thanks to Jason Reed ( Journeyman) for giving me those early gigs – running time – 60 mins

Download: Tactical Ecstasy mix

Right Click and save to download (192kbps 89Mb mp3)

Track Listing:

1. (intro) Hallucinator - Rain Maker
2. Klute - Transformat
3. Klute - We Are The Ones
4. Konflict - Celestial
5. Usual Suspects & Universal Project - The Craft
6. Marcus Intalex & S.T.Files - Neptune
7. John B - Translocation
8. Cause 4 Concern - Beyond Numbers
9. Architecture - Syndicate Zone
10. Aquasky - Spectre
11. FutureTech - Tribal Warfare
12. Klute - Song Seller
13. Legacy - Global Spin
14. MC Conrad - Logical (Blame remix)
15. (outro) Hallucinator - Rainmaker

Trance n Bass b4 the term was coined – long smooth mixes of tribalistic deep space runnings. I received a tonne of emails from all round the world from people loving this one. 3AM on a high speed space ship to Alpha Centauri- running time – 64 mins

Upcoming Gig: Tigermoth support!

I am so proud to announce that I have the honour of supporting one of my good friends and most respected artists: Tigermoth!!

This should be the most wicked night. Possibly the most underrated artist in Australia. Tigermoth brings devastatingly good Psychedelic Instrumental HipHop of the highest order!

Wicked lineup on the Killer Downstairs Main Room Step Inn system. I intend to unleash a variety of beats and bass from the future of Dancehall, Dubstep, Fuckbeat and Drum n Bass in support!

Tigermoth//AOI//Dave V//Saint Surly//Monster Monster//Erther//Hands Of Doom//8Man//Potato Master

Tigermoth: The 9th Tiger

Fresh from an overseas trip that saw him play shows and drum up fans in New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Detroit, San Diego, LA and San Fran and produce a new EP (The BK EXP) while on the road in NY, Brisbane Producer/DJ Tigermoth returns to Australia with his sophomore full length album: The 9th Tiger on his Si…nister Jazz label.

Made in the year of the Tiger, The 9th Tiger is a reference to both himself and the world at large. Of the 8 original Tiger species only 3 remain and it appears as the world is perhaps on what may appear to be on its last legs. The 9th life of the cat is perhaps close to being here. But with this doomsday outlook the phoenix rises from the ashes and the 9th Tiger is born.

The 9th Tiger is distinctively Tigermoth, yet represents a departure and growth from his debut album, Underwater Beats, which was made entirely in Japan and was a prophecy towards what Tigermoth believed was coming. Though few people initially understood Underwater Beats meaning, opening tracks Swimming and In Deep perhaps illustrate it more in hindsight, than what they did at it’s release. Whereas Underwater Beats was moody, downtempo and meditative, The 9th Tiger is more tribal, with more bass and bounce, while still sinister in its mood, it’s permeated with more colour and a noticeably more positive mood. Which was both a conscious and natural evolution.

The album was mastered in LA by Dave Cooley, who is responsible for much of J Dilla and Madlib’s recent albums (Jaylib, Madvillian, The Shining, Ruff Draft, Donuts, etc). Cooley was most impressed with the album, in particular the mixing and was somewhat taken aback when he learnt of Tigermoth’s relative obscurity in his home country. Perhaps it is just the nature of the beast/beats.

Few hip hop producers buck the trend as Tigermoth does. Straying away from traditional sample sources, with a focus on producing instrumental beats, and a reluctance to subscribe to what he sees as unnecessary cliches, his beats have seen him heralded in underground circles from Japan to the US. Tigermoth has travelled the world in search of esoteric sounds to cut up with the precision of street Samurai and delivers with the The 9th Tiger. It is the album that may lead to him finally garnering the respect he deserves, and elevate him to the major stages both here and abroad.

Sinister Jazz launches Tigermoth’s :- The 9th Tiger at the Step Inn on April 29th, fresh after backing MF Doom this month. Support comes in the form of Wax Museum’s AOI and A-List of Brisbane Beat Maker and producers.

Download: Astrotravelogue mix

A mix released every Friday!

Right click and save to download (90Mb 192kbps mp3)

Track Listing:

1. Invisible Man - Spiritual Awareness
2. Blame - Visions of Mars
3. Blame - Alpha:7
4. Big Bud - Emotionography
5. Odyssey - Next Gen
6. Voyager - Apollo
7. Blu Mar Ten - She Moves Through
8. Blu Mar Ten - Myriad
9. New Balance - Reflections

This is a set I did early in my DJ career. Deep space travel orientated Drum n Bass tunes from the Good Looking Catalogue – no over-laying of beats – the ambient intros and outros are worth the price of admission alone – running time – 64 mins

Dr Zupand ‘gettin busy’ in the mix with one of my old tunes!


Upcoming Gig: Tango Support

UK jungle / oldskool / DnB legend TANGO on his first ever Australian tour!

Download: Black Earth Future mix

While I prepare new music : here’s a download of my first ever mix! 2001 Dark Gothic/Industrial Drum n Bass.

Right click and save to download (88Mb 192kbps mp3)

Track Listing:

1. Primary Motive - Venom
2. Technical Itch - Viking
3. Biostacis - Menace
4. Vertigo - The Drained
5. Current Value - Modular Circle
6. Instra_Mental - Channel Zero
7. JL - Hymn (Dom & Roland rmx)
8. Dom & Roland - Trauma
9. Technical Itch - Generation (intro to Dimensions played half way thru)
10. Dylan & Facs - Ceptor
11. Test 2 - Fluid

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