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Track Listing:

1. Stakka & Skynet - Mutationz1
2. Spirit - Midnight Run
3. Twisted Anger - Acoustic Cage
4. Teebee - Frequencies
5. Teebee - Severed Dreams
6. B-Key - Dimenxionx

2001 As played on Tommy RO’s 4ZZZ Original Drum show: Stakka & Skynet start proceedings with their gothic, dirty and epic “Mutationz1″ warping into Spirit’s “Midnight Run” – this man is almost always dark, spacious n quirky. Twisted Anger’s “Acoustic cage” is sludgy waves of groove sliding into Teebee’s subliminal roller: “Frequencies” which moves into another track off the same Teebee LP, “Severed Dreams”, leading us to another epic end of movie track – B-Key’s “Dimenxionx”. – running time – 31 mins

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