Dub Day Afternoon 2011!!

Support local radio station 4ZZZ ( The greatest Radio Station of all) and quality Reggae n Dub music!!!
I will be dropping seriously wicked Roots Reggae n Dub!!!

Island Vibe

I will be starting the proceedings with some Roots Reggae on the Main Stage at midday on Saturday! Come n say Hi!

Next Gig: Evol Intent!!

Bring your bass face – shits gonna get rough.

Download: Firefly In The Night mix

Right Click and save to download (320kbps 176Mb mp3)

Track Listing:

1. Echo and The Bunnymen - The Disease – 1981
2. Talking Heads - Listening Wind – 1980
3. Peter Gabriel - Lead a Normal Life – 1980
4. Robin Trower - About to Begin – 1974
5. The Doors - End of The Night – 1967
6. Robin Trower - For Earth Below – 1975
7. John Foxx - The Garden – 1981
8. The Psychedelic Furs - Sister Europe – 1980
9. Rupert Hine - Dark Windows – 1982
10. Joy Division - The Eternal – 1980
11. Talking Heads - The Overload – 1980
12. Rupert Hine - Firefly in The Night – 1983
13. The Church - Fly – 1983
14. The Cure - All Cats are Grey – 1981
15. King Crimson - Nuages(that which passes, passes like clouds) – 1984
16. Rupert Hine - Samsara – 1981
17. The Church - Its No Reason – 1983

I’ve had alot of requests for this old mix so here ’tis rebadged. This is a collection of deeper tracks which had a major impact on me when i was in my teens. Cinematic and dramatic explorations of melancholy. Very strong lyrical content. All played off the original vinyl that I grew up with. Named after Rupert Hine’s track – all his lyrics were written by an amazing lady – JEANETTE THERESE OBSTOJ – running time – 75 mins

Rupert Hine – Firefly In The Night

Just when I needed a friend
I heard a call from where you are
Guiding fools like children
Soaring on to the promised star
But it was no more than a firefly in the night
But it was no more than a firefly in the night
Blinding me still
I heard a far-off voice
And I was easily led
Wading deep through waters
Where these hopes could fill my head
But it was no more than a firefly in the night
But it was no more than a firefly in the night
Blinding me still
And though struck dumb for now
Your heart is only numb
But when the numbness there is done
You’ll find it broken
Locked in this vanishing space
I never thought of escape
Searching on for answers
Then I thought I saw your face
But it was no more than a firefly in the night
But it was no more than a firefly in the night
Blinding me still
Lost in flight

Download:Radio Transmission 4

Right Click and save to download (320kbps 72Mb mp3)

Track Listing:

1. Paranoid user - Pitch Black
2. Storm Troopers - Murderous Style
3. Facs - Stark
4. Dylan & Facs - Ceptor
5. Current Value - Metamorse
6. Panacea - Chrome 13
7. Panacea - Storm bringer

2002: Totally rolled out darkness with a left. – running time – 31 mins

King Tubby Remix

The guys over at Dub Temple Records put together these cool remix comps and asked me to do a track for the King Tubby Beat Tape.

here’s my remix of  ”King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown”:

Next Gig: Octane & DLR!!!

Download: Uroborosmix

Right Click and save to download (192kbps 76Mb mp3)

Track Listing:

1. Amoss & Thorne - CRTN 1
2. Hackage - Exploiting Techniques
3. Bazil - Back To Front
4. Loxy & Resound - Oblivion
5. Expect - Baud
6. Cern - Down & Out
7. Raiden - Alpha Centauri
8. Cruize Of Fiction - Iatrogenisis
9. Outrage - Make Or Break
10. Morphy - Samfie Man
11. BTK & Meth - It Gets Rough Sometimes
12. Rockwell - Noir – Ulterior Motive Remix
13. Pyro & Mundane - Post Physical
14. Rockwell - Snare Drum Awareness
15. Donny - They Are Coming
16. Royalston - Glitchbitch
17. Audio - Error
18. BZ - Positive Vibes
19. Current Value - Polar Position (used for cuts in track 18)

2011: So many good intros, drops and breakdowns that just had to be played. – running time – 55 mins

Download: Radio Transmission 3 mix

Right Click and save to download (192kbps 69Mb mp3)

Track Listing:

1. Bad Company - Rage
2. Dom & Keaton - Archaeon
3. Current Affairs feat. Dom - Sand Gun
4. Usual Suspects - Bodycount
5. Illfingas - In The Street
6. Futurecut - Recoil

2001 As played on Tommy RO’s 4ZZZ Original Drum show: All still favourites of mine! – running time – 30 mins

Download: Radio Transmission 2 mix


Right Click and save to download (192kbps 43Mb mp3)

Track Listing:

1. Stakka & Skynet - Mutationz1
2. Spirit - Midnight Run
3. Twisted Anger - Acoustic Cage
4. Teebee - Frequencies
5. Teebee - Severed Dreams
6. B-Key - Dimenxionx

2001 As played on Tommy RO’s 4ZZZ Original Drum show: Stakka & Skynet start proceedings with their gothic, dirty and epic “Mutationz1″ warping into Spirit’s “Midnight Run” – this man is almost always dark, spacious n quirky. Twisted Anger’s “Acoustic cage” is sludgy waves of groove sliding into Teebee’s subliminal roller: “Frequencies” which moves into another track off the same Teebee LP, “Severed Dreams”, leading us to another epic end of movie track – B-Key’s “Dimenxionx”. – running time – 31 mins

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